Sunday, April 17, 2016

Taiwan and Meetups

Hellooooooooooooo. Yes. As promised I'll blog since I'm back. Although a little late la. I was back on 10th. Hehe. Was in a post-holiday blues. Lucky took leave on 11th. Can you imagine having to go back to work straight on 11th?! I was already moodless to go on 12th. Haha.

So Taiwan! On the trip there I got my window seat in SQ. View out of plane window is amazing. Cos it was an afternoon flight. When we arrive in Taiwan we hovered in the air for awhile cos of turbulence or something, and can't land straight. So was delayed abit. Lol. Scary leh, bumpy for abit.

So we were in a tour of only 10 people. The Taiwan tour guide is a very funny guy, and told us plenty of stories and histories. I'ld say I learnt alot throughout my trip there. Fruitful. Laughed alot and learn alot. Driver was a cute guy who kept disturbing me when I play SW. He knows SW but he doesn't play it, he plays Candy Crush. Like whut. LOL.

Must I blog about everyday?! Oh god don't know can remember anot.

Regent Hotel in Taipei was awesome shit. It was our day 1 there, and the hotel is awesomeeee. All me and my sis did first thing was put luggage down and take photo of the hotel. Love it. Oh before that we went Ningxia Night Market. Yum yum fooooood.

Day 2. Taipei to Yilan. We went to a pineapple DIY factory where we get to ownself make Taiwan's famous product. Hahaha. Was a mess cos we dont know how to make but it was fun. And went for a tour around the factory. Then we went Jiufen Old Street, which was sooo long we couldn't finish walking cos of the time frame. Bought some foods and souvenirs etc. Went Taipei 101 after that. Then we went Lotung Street around evening which we bought hell loads of food I think. Then went to hotel

River Forest Villa in Yilan. It was two storeys entirely for two people and one king size bed upstairs and one king size bed downstairs. So cool. Hehe. And in the forest la so not many place to explore at night. Chill and watch Harry Potter on the hotel TV. LOL. Early in the morning woke up too early so we went to borrow the hotel bicycles and went for a ride before we start the day activities. Early air in Taiwan is so fresh and somemore countryside. Really enjoyed it. Saw some farmers planting and some fishing, we stopped on the bikes to chat with them etc. Haha.

Day 3. Yilan to Hualian. We took the luxury business class scenic train to Hualian which is specially for sightseeing. The interior is like coach buses sofa seats. It can even turn backwards to face another pair for chatting. So fun. Visited a marble factory where I was so tempted to buy the cat's eye jewel. End up didn't buy. Regret after that. :( Went Cisingtan scenic area. Super pretty beach with plenty of pretty stones. It's basically coast of Pacific Ocean. Beautiful. Went Taroko National Park. I love this place. Nature is what I like. The mountains are amazing. My photos doesn't do the place much justice. It's just too beautiful. We walked through the Chang Chun bridge/cave thing due to my persistence, we were warned it was pretty dangerous cave but I wanted to go. Haha. Taroko itself is way pretty everywhere we go. Cimu Bridge etc as well. Then we head to hotel at night. Dinner was of course there as well, cos in the mountains nowhere to go.

Silks Place Taroko in Hualian.  Taroko National Park. It was so posh a well, another two king size bed. And even a bolster. Room was big toilet was big. Hehe.

Day 4. Hualian to Taitung. I can't remember what we do. I think went to the tea farm in the morning. And was followed by a super long few hours ride I think? Then went hotel. We went to watch the Native tribes there sing their tribe song, was a special performance by the hotel. It was at the roof of the hotel, and the seats were sofa-ed, where blankets and hot tea were provided in case guests are cold from watching at night. So cool right?! Was a cozy rooftop. After performance we went back to our rooms.

Luminous Hot Spring Report&Spa in Taitung. This hotel has a balcony, and view is amazing. Oh oh and this spa resort is interesting. The spa water is spring water or something. Very relaxing. I sat there and didn't wanna come out. Hahaha.

Day 5. Taitung to Kaohsiung. Morning we went to an orchard where they describe the local products to us. Fruits so fresh. Got myself a mango iceblended. Yummy. Then we went Cijin Island, where it was mostly all fish products. Fish crackers, fish sweets etc cos they're near th sea. There was a beach there as well, very pretty. After that, we went Fo Guang Shan Buddha Memorial Centre. It was so sunny in the afternoon. You know what, the place so huge, tour guide told us we might not be able to walk finish. But we went, to the 4 towers at the top to pray. I love this place I tell you. It gives me a very serene and peaceful feeling the whole time I was there. Love it. Dinner after that was BBQ with free flow food beer drink. I don't know if it's jap BBQ or korean BBQ. Rofl. But one of the black pork meat was super awesome. BBQ ftw.

Just Sleep Hostel/Hotel in Kaohsiung. This hotel is okay lah, pretty small compare to all the hotels we had. Hahaha. Stay too many good hotels, average hotels to us seem TOO average. But not bad still. Couldn't sleep well though cos my sis didn't feel well and they keep coming in to check on her etc, So tired next day.

Day 6. Kaohsiung to Nantou to Taichung. Morning went Sun-moon lake!! Cruise tour. I was looking forward to this, cos it was a famous spot which everyone know and must come when come Taiwan. Cruise ride was fun. hehe. After that we went Wen Wu temple, which is another famous temple with lotsa history. Again, our lovely tour guide told us lotsa history and stories :D Then we went Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village and Theme Park. 9 tribes village in short. Sat cable car all the way to Sun-moon lake area and then sat it back. Then we went to play the theme park. Sat two of the scary rides there. Not much time so only sat two cos the theme park was gonna close.

Mayan Adventure Roller Coaster ride. Wtf this ride. My sis sat a similar one in USS so she was roughly mentally prepared. I didn't sit before. I got a hell of a shock at this 360degrees turn like mad ride. And it's so damn fast. Not even kidding, go youtube find, some people recorded it. Whew. And was supposed to lean back I think I kept leaning forward, sorta strained my back due to the high speed rush of the ride. Bleh. Can you imagine sitting that as the first ride. Holy. I was mind-blown. And we sat UFO Intamin Gyro Drop Tower as well. Our tour guide told us how scary it was so we wanted to try it. It's at 85m okay, Taiwan's tallest free-fall ride. This to us is not scary after we sit the Mayan ride first, lol. The view is breathtaking at the top, and yeah the split second of the drop was WOW, but it was not as scary as the Mayan ride. Hahaha. I can never forget it.

I wanted play the carribbean adventure ride but not much time. We went for a 5-10min 3D movie. Missed the aboriginal performance dammit :( And we come in the wrong season too, cherry blossom season over :(( Grrrrrrrrrrr. But at least it's lavender season, very pretty. But not much time to explore the scenery garden leh cos we played so many stuff. Haha. Went back to hotel to put luggage then tour guide+driver drop us at Fengjia Night Market. Walk and shop and eat till drop ahhh. Cab back after that.

Evergreen Laurel Hotel in Taichung. Also not bad. Pretty good.

Day 7. Taichung to Taipei. By lunchtime we reach Taipei again. Yes! The same Regent Hotel yay. But 3 then can take room key. So we went nearby mall for lunch and come back again. Apparently we got upgraded to VIP room. Got our key and wow it's 18th floor, top floor leh. When we step out of the lift, the atmosphere itself different liao. Even the room number outside so posh looking. There were sofa at the corridor too. Wow. When we enter the room. WOW. Bathtub with a rubber ducky, how cute! Room was holy shit big as well.  It was so big that the TV doesnt face the bed. It faces some sofa where we can watch, and two king size bed were behind the TV.  There were sockets next to each bed. Utensils in the bar drawer. TV in the bathroom. A soft pillow headrest for the bathtub. And when I switched on the tv, there was my NAME on the tv. You know, like "Welcome blahblah" Holy. I love the room. Hahaha. Was exploring taking pics.

Then we head to Wu Fen Pu to shop and explore. And went Raohe Night Market after that to shop. Eh we walk for like, 8 hours? Wtf, my legs were breaking leh. Hahaha. I not tired, only legs tired, but that's tiring enough alr. Hahaha. But shop until very shiok hehe. Bought alot stuff.

Day 8. Our flight in the afternoon :( I don't wanna go back! This morning we could sleep in cos no schedule. Breakfast. Then cabbed to Xi Men Ding to walkwalk, bought stuff food etc again. Wah the icecream yummy hehe. Then we went airport lor. Come back SG lor. So sian grr.

Would definitely go again! Previously I was still reluctant but hey it's fun actually, and plenty of places that I haven't explore. Need to go again!

Had leave on Monday so was pretty much sleeping in and slacking. Kopi with the usual SW gang, passed them souvenir. Tuesday kopi again. Hahaha.

Friday. S coming SG! We had made plans to meet him. Dinner at Goodwood Park hotel. Porridge buffet! Yum yum. Too bad don't have durian buffet leh, the desserts not so worth afterall, but it was full of jokes and all. Hahaha. Walking around outside cos we couldn't decide what to do. You know how freaking hot the weather was. Me and JH were sweating like mad cos we both were wearing pretty thick bleh. Then M suggested chijmes and the other JH suggest switch. So we decided to split cabs and went over then see how.

Our cab went switch first to check it out, turns out switch need to queue to wait for seats. The other cab headed to chijmes first and they found seats in Highlander so we head over to find them. Wanted try highlander ale but turn out no more. End up 8 of us all drank the same, scottish lager or something. Not bad ba. Was fun cos  7 of us (8th is S's wife who doesn't play) clear TOA together. Summon together. Only JH got cammy. Hahaha. Then hot liao, all summon the event elemental scrolls and the TOA LD scroll.

Then M, A and S decide to summon a pack. Me and C and JH got tempted so we decide to buy a pack too. We initially told the other JH to film us, he was like WHY ME, then we say that's cos you not summoning ma, then he join in too HAHAHA. So ended up 7 phones all summoning. So S used his wife phone to film. Hahaha. Very fun leh. We lined it one line on the table and each time we summon different phones. Hehe. So fun.

Cabbed home after that. Was midnight liao. Got home 2ish I think. Super fun, love them to bits. Hehe.

Okay then Saturday. Thunderstorm sia rain so heavy. Met the clique for dinner at vivo. Soup Spoon Union. My food so cute. Chicken breast and two sunny side up eggs. Haha. Then we went St Marcs cafe for desserts. Then they treat me to my dessert as my "cake", hahaha. Full of laughter cos we played with boomerang, a camera motion effects thing. So funny la! Alot expressions and movements all that. I laugh until so tired. Haha. On the way home Mrt was plenty of jokes too. Thanks guys, funny day hehe.

Okay la see, so much happen, my post so long I don't even feel like reading. Hahaha. Finally ended. Gonna watch Star Awards 2016 liao. I from afternoon type until now sia! Bleh.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Superman vs Batman

Superman vs Batman!

Ohhh I said I wouldn't post anytime soon but I did. Hahaha. Met them on Wed, ktv awhile which went wrong, they told us we didn't book when we did. Oh well. So was a short session, then we went Starbucks to chill. Chillax Wed. Thurs was annoying, don't wanna elaborate what happened, but I watched Zootopia already. Not bad, cute haha

Friday was Good Friday. Haha. The SW peeps wanna kopi. M drove so he drop by to pick me. We went to pick A then went to find D. Kopi then went cwp to eat Empire State. Holy shit, so expensive leh. Bleh. Decided to ktv then watch Superman. They bought sushi I only bought drinks, Ktv lor. Then movie lor. Movie was long la and okok I guess. Ended pretty late. M sent us home after that.

Sat. Was so sleepy in the afternoon leh. Doze off wake up doze off wake up. Haha. Night they suddenly want supper. Abit lazy. But J go. I go. Haha. M drove again. He picked J then D then me. Around close to 1 am. We went supper lor. Sat and chitchat kopi talk cock until morning. We went off around, 7ish in the morning. Hahaha. When I reach home I wasn't even sleepy. My sleepy timing has passed leh lol. Dad ask what breakfast I want so I say mac breakfast. Wahaha.

And yeah. Up till now haven't sleep. Bleh. Can't sleep leh... Not the sleepy timing. Sigh. Anyway flying soon, but I haven't pack leh. Lols. So last minute. Watching tv + 2x now, and the sleepy bug is finally coming. I'm feeling slightly sleepy already. Heh.

Think of next week weekday I sian alr, payroll stuff. Oh gawd. I can't wait for my holidayyyyyy. Haha, A break from all the crap in SG is good. Looking forward :)

Saturday, March 19, 2016


Sup sup. I'm back. Above song is a song I saw from my friend sharing on fb. Damn nice leh! If ktv has. I'm gonna make T M C sing. Hahaha. Too nice. Love the lyrics too.

Okay! It's been so long since I blogged. Hmmmm. March and April gonna be two big expenditure months. Hahaha why do I say so. On 6th Mar I just went to do something which I haven't done for 6 years - CHANGE MY PHONE.

Yes. LOL. When so many people heard, no matter who, their response is the same: FINALLY CHANGE ISIT. Like literally everyone that know me said the same. Haha. So cute leh. So from a iPhone 4 jump to iPhone 6s Plus. Lol.... You will never understand the feeling of holding the phone. Before that I thought my phone was big enough. If that one is big, after changing, I must be carrying a gigantic phone then hehe.

Got a luminous phone case outside the shop (The guy secretly told us outside buy is cheaper than the actual phone shop. He reco us to find a "fat girl outside and say is Alan intro one" and sure enough, got a discount for my screen protector and phone case. Hahaha. The phone case nice, should have gotten an extra one.

So that's another bomb there, I got a 64gb so that's like 530$ leh. Omfg, I'm broke lorrrrrrrr. Oh I forgot say isit? Before I got the phone we went travel agency, and another 2.5k$ PARTIAL deposit there lol remaining amount need pay during briefing. I'm broke ahhhhhhhhh. And so yeah, gonna go Taiwan in Apr. Hehe. Been awhile since I go overseas leh, pretty excited hehe.

Alot people told me I should have go on own trip and not follow agency. In a way I agree. But I was pretty lazy to research at that time leh, and my parents don't know how and sis busy with exams, everything was me again. So dad say next time got time ownself plan, now just follow tour. And besides, old people mindset, they say follow tour won't get lost lol.

Actually before we decided on Taiwan, I was pretty determined to go Europe lol. But was flipping through the agencies brochures, Europe for a whole family really pricey. And parents don't like "angmo food" as they called it, so my dad was like, I sponsor you to go Europe with your friends lah, we family trip go elsewhere. SO FRIENDS. WHO WANNA GO EUROPE. Hahaha

We were actually torn between Korea/TW/China/whatever Asian country. Then my dad was still reminiscing about their honeymoon (which was in TW last time) so yeah off to TW we go next month. Heh. Excited excited.

Pretty lots of events ongoing lah. Next week meeting up with the SW peeps, most likely KTV. But hate weekdays leh, I always burnt out. Past few weeks always kopi also weekday loh. Tues trip briefing, wed ktv, thurs movie, the rest might be kopi. As usual packed again! Talking bout movie, Idk, J said wanna watch zootopia, maybe watch with her lor, M also not replying, dammit. Otherwise we 3 usually go together one. But superman vs batman also out next week, see how lor. I only wanna watch Gods of Egypt but till now haven't watch, guess I gotta wait online out liao.

Then end of month, S coming. He from MY come SG, we gonna plan meetup again lor hehe bring him go dinner then go chill or something ba. Hehe.

Fun is fun lah, but nearing end of month I'm gonna feel stressed out again. Last month first try out of the job scope was pretty nightmare. Omg. I feel like I'm gonna dread it every end of month. Worst thing is, cos going TW, and that's in Apr, I'm not gonna have much time leh. Plus the meetup end of month when S come. Die lor my time gonna be so packed leh Idk how I gonna handle. 'Cos I planned to finish up some stuff before fly ma. Then just nice that week is pretty packed with reports and everything and all the stuff I'm supposed to do during the week I will be away. Idk how I gonna handle also.

And trip dates are limited to changes too cos my sis will have school reopening soon. So yeah. Anyway the trip itinerary and everything I pick one (Well, pick meaning I pick between the itinerary of different agencies LOL) Oh well who cares, during the trip I make sure I gonna enjoy myself. Heck to everything! Hahahaha.

More updates maybe after the trip? Or maybe after ktv or after meeting S or something. So lazy type too. Hehe. End off.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Happy Chinese New Year

Happy CNY to all.

Cannot really remember what happens after my last post, but there's certainly lots of kopi sessions etc. Which is good. Takes my mind off things when I just stare into space, chat, or play game. That is definitely one difference with them compare to other friends; Other friends will not understand and will even nag you for playing game. With them, legit to play, since we all play. Haha

Here's to it, CNY! My favorite celebration out of all. Haha. "Shou sui" after CNY eve, till pretty late lor. JH fault, told me cannot sleep. Bleh. I next morning still need to wake early. Went to 3 temples. Head to 4th uncle house after that! Yay. Mahjong with him before the rest arrive. Once they arrive it'll be card games galore. Ahkiatkorkor's dog is at there too, it's a Pomeranian. So fluffy so cute la. I was afraid at first, cos it got so excited when we come, and started jumping prancing around licking everyone. But ahyangkorkor say it doesn't bite, so I relaxed a little. And played abit with it. It's soooo cute and lovable!

They started a la-bi table, while we have a mahjong table. But at night all combined for banluck. Hahaha. So fun, day1 I lost at mahjong, but banluck is totally at my luck. I had like 3 banban and 15 banluck. We played till almost 3am. Hahaha. Pleasant surprise, free parking. Shiok.

Day2, we went ahmingkorkor house to bainian first around noon. Yanjun is sooooo cute. He is ahmingkorkor son. I haven't seen yanjun since he had his birthday that time, and he's grown soooo big. 'Cos whenever they come visit him I was working, so it's first time I seen him again after so long. He's so smart in talking! Kids nowadays are so intelligent.

Went 4th uncle house again after that. Mahjong while waiting for them to come. This time we started banluck early cos WW is there and I kept telling them she's here for banluck. Haha. We played till late again lor around 2am-ish.

Day3 we went P house for buffet! Haha yummmm it was not bad. Chitchat a little, and then I kept hint hint abit wanna gamble. 'Cos I got bored at the conversations. I can't really hold a convo at THEIR type of convo. Hahaha. End up really, banluck table! Played abit, around an hour ish only. Dad picked us up and I told him to drop me at.. Where's that place again, I forgot. Thomson there. Meeting the usual gang for dinner. We wander wander and ended up eating prata. LOL. Such a joke how we always ended up eating prata.

Chitchat, and celebrate Feb babies bday. XH went off, and 6 of us decide to go Waterway Point (That's the second time, since I just met J for dinner at Waterway few days ago, on Friday) Damn, I'm so lazy to shop la but they wanna shop. Somemore I was carrying that big box of shoes, no mood shop but bobian. Damn. Shagged la, I was reluctantly walking along. Wah if only the other side say earlier I confirm to kopi and sit down slack instead of shop leh haha.

Today I wanted mahjong but sis act yi ge hardworking, say wanna study, end up we didn't go 4th uncle house. Lameeeeee so boring. I'm still in holiday mood tbh, I don't wanna work. Grr.

Work's gonna be so shitty with the change in scope. And worst thing is during CNY relatives asked if I was gonna study more (you know what relatives are like), I didn't know how to answer. Sighpie.

Tbh I'm not whiny about the change in scope, but I just felt it's unfair, why am I doing the work of someone who did the work with twice the amount of salary I take. UNFAIR RIGHT. Like fuck it, if they can do the same stuff and take twice the amount, if you want me to do the same thing as them, shouldn't you raise my pay as well? That's life for you, so fucking unfair. Grrrrrrrrr. Don't know if there's kopi tomorrow, I need a break. Oh almost forget it's V Day today. Happy V Day~ But it's nothing of special to me lol

OH ON A SIDE NOTE, The right side of my gum at the back hurts like mad. So pain that I don't even know if it's wisdom tooth growing or just gum sore. So fucking pain. I can barely eat these few days. Even if I eat, it's still tasteless cos I gotta chew on the left, can't chew on the right cos too pain. Even when I stretch open my mouth it hurts. Fml!

Oh. Currently reading these Low Kay Hwa books chapters previews online. Jeez, they're good.

But let's say overall I still enjoy CNY. My favorite celebration. Happy Chinese New Year to all. :)

Saturday, January 30, 2016


Hello all. It's been quite awhile. Mmm. Yeah. Been better than my days back in the days camped in KaW I'ld say. I've been getting very inactive there, which is a good thing. Since it's full of bad memories there. Just forget it all it's best. Haha. I'm tired.

Can't really remember what happen tbh. That week wed we had buffet treated by big boss I believe. At some hotel. Was okay lah not bad, but desserts are a little lacking lol. Fri went to get some gifts for S. Sat I can't remember, think I met J and M for breakfast, which M passed be both of the books and my beloved Amazon shoes. Haha. Catch up a little. Was a quick meetup as everyone have appointment that day. Sun I went to meet JL to get some stuff from her, and head Orchard to mail my gifts for S. Stupid post office said couldn't send one of the item and I had to take it out. Irritating.

Last sat was pretty fun. Work in the morning which I can barely concentrate, cos meeting the SW peeps after that. HAHA. As for running so far to jcube, of course I was a little late. Haha. Got my bbt and we went to get some food before heading teoheng. We found a hidden talent.. T! T is so so awesome in singing. Me and C have became his fans lol. C herself also sing very well. M too, M knows my favorite songs. Hahaha.

Oh and see the song up there? The video so touching. I teared earlier Lol. And this song is so nice I realized. And I know because T sang this song and none of us knew, but it was so good. Haha. Came back and hunt for it. Tadaaaa. Super nice song.

Me, JH, A, We were basically the auto-and-hear-them-sing gang. The other M is irritating I swear, lol. YM and the male C sing a little. Main characters are C M T. Hahaha. Good to chill in too the place. I like. We had dinner at some ramen place which I forgot the name. Osaka something isit? I can't remember. The baby octopus (which is not so baby as it's SO huge) was yummy. Went for an aimless walk and decided to go some coffee shop to chill. Chat summon etc. Ok lah not bad hehe. By the time we head back, no more train/bus. I cabbed home from Outram lol. Ok lah quite fun.

Last sun was housewarming at LQ house. Oooo her house is sooo nice. Especially the spinning chair. Which B's daughters keep playing and spinning me around till I got dizzy. Hahaha. Balcony nice, everything nice. Buffet not bad. Head home around early evening.

This week was like LOL. Tues and wed me and C both went Yishun to meet the three musketeers for kopi session. Hahaha. Was fun la I guess. Haha. These guys, make me break my rule of lazy weekdays. Every night make me go out consecutive two days lol. Tues we caught a bus which we were freaked out 'cos the bus is full of COCKROACH!! I swear there's a nest, we saw more than 10-20. No exaggerate. There was a kindhearted guy helping to kill tho. Me and C run all the way to the front of the bus. So disgusting la, somemore last bus. Hais. Wed I took cab home too tho cos no more bus at Nex. Lol.

Was a fun week I guess. Haha. Next week some Mon buffet again too I think. So sleepy. And I'm hungry. Today was a bad day. So much unfair stuff at work. Was annoying okay. Bad mood lor. Music saved me tho. Gonna watch RM later. So sleepy now. End off

Sunday, January 10, 2016


Hello. It's 2016 (Okay, I know very late, it's about 10 days into the new year)

The countdown show on new year eve was awesome, Adam Lambert! Basically he's the only highlight, whole countdown I only wait to watch him sing anyway lol.

Okay, here's a new year. And I don't know what's special or anything new, basically it seem another nothing-new year to me so far, A few meetups this month I believe. SW gathering. And gotta meetup with M and J, my US shoes which I bought are with her. Wahaha. And yeah gotta meet the usual gang as well.

I need to spend lesser btw, as said by the chinese zodiac that I need to save this year. So true la.. I keep spending :( Grrrr.

You ever get the feeling where you like chatting with people but you feel tired to deal with people? Times where you just wanna sit and keep quiet and not do anything nor reply anyone. Idk, I chat very little nowadays. 看别人脸色让我很累. Less talk less trouble ma. Haha.

Eh why did I say all this in a new year post!

I bought a cute new portable charger just for the fun of it. See. Waste money again :(

Coughing my lungs out. Freaking cough :(

Ok too much crap. Tell you truth. I'm just unhappy. End off.

Friday, December 18, 2015


Put your hands up in the air! Hehe

Ok la it's such a laaaagged post but yeah, last Sunday (Day 2) went for the annual event. I was excited thinking of seeing Armin and Andrew but what's so mood-dampening is that it was raining even before reaching the destination. Like holy shit, drizzling heavily lol.

Was already wet even before reaching la, ugh. More merchandise this year than last, heh. HY got the green super cool flashlight for me. E got the multicolour lightstick for us. But didn't get the light-shades. But anyway, it was rainy one good point was that not alot people at some point of time, but at points of time it was sooo crowded and busy cos ppl came to hide from rain, lol.

At 4.30 and 6.30 respectively I sneak off to seee ARMIN! and ANDREW! hahaha, Cannot sneak off too long la but I sneak off for like pretty long just to see them. I'm there for them anyway lol. I had to leave the shelter when go to moonstage to see them. It was drizzling heavily and wet hair makes me uncomfortable, but for them, worth it lol.

It was highhhhhhhhh. Clap clap clap. Put your hands up in the airrrrrr! Happy to know their songs. Would be better if it wasn't raining tho. I think everyone got drained out by the rain. A handful were sitting down by the time it's Andrew turn, around 6.30. Such a bummer :( His songs were high! Took some vids. Hehe. Saw W, gave her a kebab before I left.

Grabbed a kfc bfast before I go home. Reach home, go temple. At night went out eat. Burned out day ar. So tired. Didn't sleep till night cos otherwise can't sleep if nap too long.

Oh did I say met the SW peeps for baimifen that day, forgot when. Was a Sunday. Think November. It was pretty funny tho. So much disturbing and teasing. Disturbing C is more fun but freaking J always try to disturb me :( They should plan another soon. Think A is planning it in Jan.

Heard Lambert coming at dec31, but idk who will wanna go with me. Grrrr.

Anyway. These few days been the same since Mon. Kept falling asleep in living room early and wake up at midnight suddenly. So unhealthy la. Knn. Like now -.- Time to go back to bed